iRotate 1.37 for Windows 10


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iRotate is a free screen rotation utility, providing end-users, administrators and manufacturers of pivoting monitors with a simple, standardized mechanism to control screen orientation across multiple monitors, operating systems and graphics cards. The tiny utility harnesses the highly efficient native rotation capabilities in the display driver to deliver exceptionally fast performance with zero overhead. By leveraging the native rotation capabilities now provided by ATI, nVidia, Intel, S3, XGI and others, iRotate offers exceptional speed and efficiency, with minimal impact on scarce system resources - the entire iRotate package, including installation, documentation, and native language support in all the major European and Asian languages, weighs in at less than 100kb. And like all EnTech graphics utilities, iRotate supports multiple graphics cards from various vendors, simultaneously, under every multi-monitor enabled operating system from Windows 98 to XP. iRotate is free for use in personal/private, commercial, educational and governmental environments. Registration is not required. The following hotkeys are enabled by default: Ctrl+Alt+Up - rotate 0 degrees Ctrl+Alt+Left - rotate 90 degrees Ctrl+Alt+Down - rotate 180 degrees Ctrl+Alt+Right- rotate 270 degrees